I am so excited for Eclipse. Every time a new clip or photo is released, I just get that much more excited. I have waited for this since before New Moon movie came out. Back in the summer, I would see set pictures where they were filming the graduation scene, and I saw all the yellow robes and I just got so excited. Now that it's actually here? Oh, my, I'm trying not to get too excited, because then it would be unbearable, but my excitement is slipping in and I don't think I can help it. Now it's only a couple weeks away-on my birthday and that makes it that more special that it falls on my birthday.

All the clips I've seen, are awesome. Completely. I have to wait to see the movie before I make my final decision, but right now, I am impressed by David Slade's work. I think he's done a good job-from what I've seen. This book is so important in the sense that everything comes to a head with the whole love triangle between Jake and Bella and Edward, and then of course, the whole final battle between Victoria and the big fight with her army.

Yeah, this book is very important in a lot of ways. I am ecstatic to see it come to the big screen and it will be absolutely amazing.